Our team

Founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Krzysztof Zielinski, Mobile Frame Extension™ is based in the UK with an elite team of specialised professionals. 

Our team solves problems with the limitations of electronic devices by freely expanding them according to user’s preference and needs, making them more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our product

Our patented modular case, attachable to your devices anywhere and anytime you need.

More data privacy, unlimited storage, secure communication, secure banking all while having extra battery.

Our idea

A world where technology in completely hassle-free by expanding the abilities of all devices, old and new. All with additional security so your most important data & services are available securely anywhere and anytime.

Created because today there are so many technological difficulties, although everything is constantly growing and expanding we are having to wait for it or buy the newest phone to access it. The creation of the Mobile Frame Extension™  will do away with previous restrictions. We want to make all of your devices instantly better with the possibility of growing and being more secure for you.

Multi-brand compatibility

Each one of our Mobile Frame Extension’s™ has multi-brand compatibility, adaptable modules, unlimited storage all with secure reliable services. Its sleek and discreet design means you can now bring it with you anywhere and know that at any time your device can be in its optimal efficiency and better than any device on the market. It will also adapt and grow as you use the attachment thanks to the modular and AI technologies. 

Our values

We hope to create a precedent with this product, by using one standardised module that can adapt to all devices but to all brands which not only improves your device but secures it also. In doing so, we can minimise electronic waste, optimise personal expenses, reduce the use of natural resources, more effectively use the device and it will be extending the life of your home electronics.

Our services

Upgrading your phone with Mobile Frame Extension™ you open the door to unlimited possibilities. Even though your device is brand new and state-of-the-art, you can’t imagine the possibilities in your current state. Artificial Intelligence will be your friend and advisor in cross-functional areas: from blockchain to intelligent video post-production and anything else you can imagine